Sunday, May 10, 2009

American regional identity is shifting!

I always enjoyed sociology classes and understanding regional identity in America.

Even in the 1960’s there were still pockets of ethnic groups in America, the Swedes of Kansas, the Germans of Wisconsin, the Cherokee of North Carolina, and dozens of others niches where people retained their cultural identity wel into the 20th century . . .

But as time passes, regional identities are being lost at a rapid rate.

This fascinating chart notes now people identified themselves in the 2000 census, very interesting.

The most interesting part is that many people of early British and Irish descent identified themselves solely as “American”, as-if they have been completely assimilated:

And let’s not forget the “belts”. Everyone knows about the Bible belt, the rust belt and the corn belt, but the “scum belt” is a new one:

The American scum belt