Thursday, May 14, 2009

A pet duck for our dog

We recently had three ducks join us at the ranch; at least I think that they are ducks.

Alexander the Swoose was half swan and half goose, but these ain’t mallards!

They appear to be the product of some unholy union between ducks, vultures and turkeys.

Anyhow, all heck broke loose last night!

Pet ducks for dogs!

Well, last night one of the ducks was in the back yard when we let the Rottweiler’s out. Feathers went flying, everywhere, as Bear, mother to every living critter, snatched up a duck gently by his neck!

Rotties are very motherly - They will even nurse kittens!

The duck went limp, from shock, no doubt, and we thought he might have died from fear!

Little did this refugee from a fricassee know at the time, but Bear has huge maternal instincts, and she just wanted to lick it and love it! Sho’ nuff, she took the startled duck to her kennel, pinned it down and started licking the shocked duck it all over!

Evidently, ducks don't like to be licked by large dogs

Now, we don’t allow our pets to have pets, but Bear was not gonna turn lose of this Duck easy! She loved it, and started growling “My Duck” when Janet commanded “Leave it!”.

We had to get out the whip, and Bear finally turned the poor ole duck loose!

I gonna guess that we won’t be seeing those ducks in the backyard again anytime soon!