Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Desperate gambles

I was always fascinated by people who bet their last dollar and won big. I remember sitting at gaming tables while people play with their rent money in desperate all-or-nothing gambles.

I remember one young lady who was down to her last few bucks, crying and heartbroken that she has squandered her rent money. We all chipped-in so she could play one last round, and she hit, winning back her $400.

Her response? Let it ride! Some people never learn . . . .

Remember Fred Smith, the MBA student who got a C- on his idea for FedEx?

Fred bet all he had to make payroll and won $27k, what a story!

FedEx chainman bets the bank to make payroll

Now, I see this story about Larry King winning $8k on a $40 bet, back in 1`971 when he was down on his luck.

Larry King bets Big in 1971
Evidently Larry was arrested that year (1971), and here is his mug shot:

In 1971, Larry King was arrested for grand larceny