Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The world’s shortest Appaloosa gets teased

Breeding stallions are dangerous animals, thre big ones over a thousand pounds of pure horny. They will stand-up in their hind legs and strike out, not fun . . .

That’s why we only have two stallions, Egyptian King Too (who has had over 40 registered babies) and Tha Dude, our black Arab Stallion. Even these little stallion can b e quite a handful.

In 2001, I used to own the Guinness World Record for the World’s smallest horse (Black Beauty):

Janet with Black Beauty

But I still have the world’s shortest Appaloosa. This is "Spot", who is six feet long and only 20 inches tall!:

The world's shortest Appaloosa

She is a dwarf, like a Dachshund dog, normal sized body, but with super-short legs. We call her a “wiener horse”.

Spot is in season, and all mares in-season are total sluts, waving their fannies in the stallions face, begging to be bred by whatever stallion is handy. Can you imagine what would it be like if human women behaved like this?

Anyway, Jen3 accidently let Spot and King get together, and the resulting mayhem was quite funny:

(l to r) King, Jen3, Twinkie and Spot

Jen got some good exercise. Despite their small size, these critters can run mighty fast:

At one point, it did not look too good, but Jen managed to interrupt the act, much to King’s frustration and dismay:

Jen3 performs sexus interruptus

During all of this Twinkie (who is spayed) was quite upset, mad that her boyfriend was showing affection for some slutty mare!

This year we are breeding Dude at stud, hopefully get some new babies for nest year

It’s weird, because now the expected life of a new foal (30-35 years) exceeds our own life expectancy, so we need to make allowances for finding them good homes after we croak.