Saturday, May 23, 2009

The key to success in life: delayed gratification!

I'm now convinced that the key to success in life is delayed gratification! Stidies say that it's more important than IQ, but without the ability to delay gratification, success can be impossible.

In a nutshell, those who resist hedonism get far more gooidies on the back-end!

I remember being very resentful of my friends while I was slaving-away in College, and it's very hard to delay gratification when you are young, watching my working friends buy new clothes and brand-new cars.

But I knew the secret; the longer that you can delay gratification, the farther you will go!

See here, The ability to delay gratification is a far better predictor of academic performance than I.Q.

Take the time to read all six pages of this article, it could change your life.

It’s so very true, delayed gratification is the key!

Even after college, many of my colleagues went forth into business ventures half-ripe, while I bided my time, getting many years of high-quality experiences before starting my own business. While my MBA classmates started labeling themselves “experts” after writing a few magazine articles, I waited until I had authored over a dozen books.

As my grandpa used to say “There is always room at the top”, but you gotta realize that “time takes time”. . .

Thanks Reddit!