Monday, June 08, 2009

A 700 years old street with no name

Awhile back Janet and I were cruising the English countryside when I backed our super-tiny rental car into a ditch!

We were in Holne, a 700 year old village in the Darrtmoor area of England. When we called the British equivalent of AAA we discovered that after 700 years they had not yet gotten around to naming the street!

While we were waiting we discovered the ancient Church house Inn in Holne, Devon, a wonderful place with SUPER food and really nice proprietors.

The Church house Inn is over 700 years old, founded in 1329 AD and its gets our vote for our favorite restaurant in Dartmoor Devon. Fantastic food, great friendly service and unique local dishes place the Church House Inn as the best restaurant in the Dartmoor Devon area. Chef John Hughes uses fresh local produce and even posts their daily suppliers of meat and poultry.

The authentic deserts (with Devon Cream) are superb, and this is a truly great find in a gastronomic wasteland. Its reputation is starting to get out as the best restaurant in Dartmoor, so reservations are a must.

Church House Inn
Holne, Devon
phone: 01364 631208