Friday, June 05, 2009

Image theft and international copyright law

Image theft and international copyright law do not mix!

Hardly a week goes by that some foreigner does not steal my articles and photographs!

Image theft is so rampant that I employ several attorneys actively working to protect my rights, but it’s very sad that international copyright law is almost impossible to enforce.

Even if you have a good legal case against somebody for image theft, they are usually judgment proof, scummy poor people who have nothing to lose. They will swipe your images with impunity . . .

For example, this foreign buttpipe stole entire web pages from me! He was so stupid that he forgot to change my name!

Remember, you post photographs of yourself on the web at your own peril, and don’t count on copyright protection to keep people from stealing your photographs.

U.S. Copyright law ends at the U. S. borders, and people in 3rd world countries can steal your photos and use them with impunity!

Image theft by Europeans

This poor fellow found his family facebook photo being used by some Eurotrash in Czechoslovakia without his consent!

Here was his facebook photo:

An unprotected image on facebook

And here it is, on some foreign shop window:

A photo stolen by Eurotrash

This is just another case of image theft, perpetrated by a bad Czech.

My experience with image theft

This type of image theft has happened to me, and I share their pain.

I posted this photo my myself on my web site, not thinking about how it might turn-on the gals:

Well, some women stole my picture and made pin-up posters of it without my knowledge or consent. . . . It's the price I must pay for being a sex symbol . . .