Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Test your knowledge of current events

Many people today reply on the web for their news, and it’s especially disturbing when young people reply on TV clowns like Jon Leibowitz (Jon Stewart) for their news.

And it shows! Young people have a very limited knowledge of current events.

Me, I have subscription to several news magazines, Newsweek, Businessweek and TIME, but I’m not very political.

This test measures your knowledge of current events, just 12 fast questions. Try it:

Test your knowledge of current events

The stats show some interesting trends (n not disclosed):

- Gender - Men scored higher than women (52 for males, 35 for females)

- Education - More education leads to better knowledge of current events: (56 - College graduates, 44 - Some college, 31 - HS or less)

- Age - Older people know current events better than youngsters, with the over 50 crowd scoring nearly double the young folks: (53 - Ages 50+, 46- Ages 30-49, 28 - Ages 18-29)

Me, I nailed it! I guessed on a few questions, but my instincts were good.

“Here's Your Score: You correctly answered 12 of the 12 possible questions along with approximately 6% of the public.

You did better than 94% of the general public.”