Saturday, July 04, 2009

The Coney Island Freak Show

We were recently at the Coney Island freak show, a great way to spend a layover at JFK or LaGuardia between flights.

Coney Island is known as the original home of Nathan’s hot dogs, where they broadcast their hot dog eating contest today, on the 4th of July:

Whenever we have a layover at JFK for an overseas trip, we like to prepare ourselves by taking the short cab ride to see the freak shows at Coney Island.

After 100 years, Coney Island still has amusement rides:

One of the timeless items at the freak show is the tattooed lady, a freakish thing for over a century:

Sure enough, on our visit we saw the tattooed lady, doing a flaming hula-hoop while being supervised by two NYPD officers:

Coney Island is a freak show outside too, lots of interesting characters roaming the streets:

Coney Island is actually quite seedy and scary to those unaccustomed to freaky New Yorkers.

And Coney Island has the bottled dead animals in theor freak show:

This one was funny because we used to own the "real" world's smellest horse: