Thursday, July 02, 2009

Ode to the farmer!

More than half American citizens are the descendents of farmers. I come from a long line of farmers (my grandparents were born on farms in the early 20th century), and while I only have a small ranch, I greatly respect the self discipline that it takes to be a farmer.

We have farmers around here who still cling to the old ways, plowing their fields with horse-drawn mules. Every Sunday our neighbor Erwin saddles-up his four-in-hand team and goes riding down Rocky Ford Road, just as farmers have done here for centuries.

One of my prized collectables is this 1700’s early transferware quart double-handled beer mug.

It’s a real colonial American artifact and it has this great epic poem, an Ode to the Farmer:

So Jolly Boy’s now
Here’s God speed the plough
Long life and succefs to the FARMER

This is a great example of occupational marketing, mugs designed to appeal to different jobs.

It’s even more interesting because it is over 200 years old, a relic from the days when more than half of Americans were farmers:

Here is the full text of the Ode to the Farmer:

Let the Wealthy & Great
Roll in Splendor & State
I envy them not I declare it

I eat my own Lamb, My Chickens & Ham.

I have Lawns, I have Bowrs
I have Fruits, I have Flowers
The Lark is my morning alarmer

So jolly Boys now.
Here’s God speed the plough
Long life and succefs to the Farmer