Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Teach your dog to swim

Teaching your dog to swim is easy!

Janet is an amazing animal trainer, and she decided to teach our two guard dogs (Rottweiler’s) to swim!

Swimming is not natural to all dog breeds

Rottweiler’s are cold weather dogs and they love water anyway, so it’s impossible to keep them out of the pool. At first glance, it looks like we have black seals in the pool.

Teach your dog to swim by making it swim to you

Because Rottweiler dogs are all muscle, they sink like a rock and it’s scary to them until they learn to hold their breath underwater.

Forget the backstroke, dogs do the dog paddle, and they do their swimming doggie-style:

Never rush a dog to learn swimming

The trick to teaching a dog to swim is not to rush the process. Let the dog take their time and adjust to the water gradually. So long as your dog does not panic, they will learn to swim . . .

Dogs love to swim, once they learn how

The first step in teaching a dog to swim is to show them the way out of the pool . .