Monday, July 06, 2009

Golf vacations in Monterey

The Monterrey peninsula is a noted tourist attraction, a lush, cool area that is absolutely delightful ion the summer. While inland temperatures swelter at 100 degrees, the cooling ocean current ensures that Monterey stays a cool 60-70 degrees, even in the middle of the summer.

In addition to great scenery, we played some world-class golf on the Monterey peninsula, playing Pebble Beach, Del Monte and Pacific Grove, all excellent courses.

In our touring in Monterey we noted some interesting customs:

Tolerant locals – We noticed that the natives tolerated illegal activity, with people openly smoking drugs on the public beaches. Filthy hobos are also tolerated, as are Hippies and other weirdoes of every possible genre.

Hostile drivers - We also noted that while all of the people in the tourist industry were exceptionally nice and courteous, about half of the Monterey drivers were openly hostile to tourists! The Monterey area is very crowded, and everyone seemed to be in a big hurry, especially on the roads. We were cursed at and Janet was even flipped off, all for not driving fast enough. We got the distinct impression that tourists were not welcome by the locals!

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