Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Breaking 80 in golf

A large part of my job these days is entertaining clients and playing in IT manager golf tournaments.

I’m co-sponsoring this golf tournament next week, all designed to meet with my clients and customers.

All young executives need to know how to play golf these days, and I think that golf lessons should be a part of the AACSB MBA curriculum.

Ready to break 80

I’m stoked, my golf game is better than ever before. I can pound a driver over 260 yards, sink 20 foot putts, and I’m now ready to take my golf game to the next level, golfing in the 70’s.

Golf scores are asymptotic to par, the closer you get to par, the longer it takes to improve:

It takes many years of golf practice to break 80

For me, I spend about 50 hours to take a stroke off my game, but if I play every day for the next two years I have a shot at breaking 80. According to Brad Clayton, my talented golf coach, here is what I need to do to break 80:

- Walk the links – I own three golf carts (we play at several courses), but they stay garaged, as I walk 4.5 miles every day to improve my game, and my stamina.

- Practice - I invested in a nice private driving range and practice green so that Janet and I can practice daily at home.

- Visualize your play – Run through your round in your mind, re-playing each hole. You will be amazed at how well that helps . . .

- Lose 100 pounds – I must get more flexibility, so I’m going to lose 10 pound in the next 14 months. I’m naturally skinny anyway:

Beneath my flab lies a skinny physique

I like a challenge, and this should be a good one, getting fit and breaking 80 at golf . . .

See my tips here, how to break 80 in golf.