Friday, September 11, 2009

The people behind the voices of the Simpsons:

After attending the prestigious Family Guy Live reading at Carnegie Hall, I enjoy watching the artists voice their cartoon characters.

The first famous voice cartoon character I knew of was Alan Reed, the voice actor who lent his voice to Fred Flintstone. My uncle was his piano tuner, and it was great fun just hearing him talk! He did not do any voice theatrics; he really talked like Fred Flintstone . . .

Here is Alan in action, It’s real clear that did Fred Flintstone’s voice:

It’s kind of funny, given that The Flintstones was meant to be the cartoon equivalent of The Honeymooners, hence, Fred Flintstone is Jackie Gleason.

If you have ever watched the Simpson’s on TV, you will love this video!

I did not know that Mr. Burns and his assistant Smithers are voiced by the same person!

And the lady who does Bart Simpson’s voice is a real trip:

I never knew that Moe and Apu were the same person’s voice.