Friday, September 04, 2009

Faked Police brutality charges rewarded with $400,000.00 cash

It amazes me how dirtbags will fake police brutality charges. In nasty case below, a scumbag drunk lady won $400,000 with a nuisance lawsuit and almost ruin a man’s career.

In this case, this nasty drunk woman is caught on tape, already injured and holding a tissue up to her bloody nose from an auto accident. In the tape we see her refusing to cooperate and acting like a drunken jackass and being belligerent and nasty to a police officer who demonstrates the patience of a Saint.

Dirtbag drunkard nearly kills people and wins bug cash judgement

Dirtbag Angela Garbarino tried to ruin a policeman’s career with fake brutality claims. Of course, the hysterical lady was drunk as a skunk, injured herself in a car accident, had a bad nosebleed, and then had the nerve to claim that the policeman did it.

People who make false charges of police brutality should go to jail for a long, long time.

Watch this video carefuly. In the first frames it's clear that she alread has a nosebleed and she is obviously drunk, refusing a breath test:

Thankfully, the policeman was reinstated. But justice was not served. Despite her nasty, drunken tirades on tape Garbarino got off Scott free on her DWI charge, despite refusing a breath test (which, judging by her behavior, she would have clearly failed).

Worse yet, she reached an out-of-court settlement last year in which the city paid her $400,000 as compensation for her injuries.