Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The most awesome photo ever taken

The kids toss about the word “awesome”, but this Hubble photo of deep space is truly awesome.

Please take a second to click the link above with has a giant photo that can be navigated like Google Earth. Just do five left-mouse clicks to zoom-in and behold! (You can drag your mouse around the photo).

What appear to be stars in the sky are actually galaxies, Brazilians of them!

With even a modest galaxy like the Milky Way containing 200 billion stars, we now see that there are billions of galaxies!

The truth is out there - galaxies everywhere!

Whenever I hear a scientist acting pretentious I like to remind myself that we are so primitive that we cannot eve see to the end of our own universe. . . .

I was watching the Nova TV show on black holes and they say that the Milky Way is on a collision course with the Andromeda galaxy in only ten million years.

That’s how much time mankind has to devise intergalactic travel, if we are not already extinct by then . . .

This is the true meaning of awesome . . .

Reader feedback

Is that first picture of the hubble deep field? I saw a video on that a few weeks ago: