Saturday, September 05, 2009

Prevent haintings by painting with Haint Blue!

We are doing a home addition and toying with the old Southern tradition of painting the ceilings Haint blue, a water color designed to keep ghosts and gouls away:

A Haint blue ceiling keeps the ghosts away

The term Haint comes from the old African American contraction for Haunted, where it was pronounced as “Hainted”. Many old slave homes featured Haint blue:

Old Haint blue home

Just as the African Americans control the new trends in the fashion industry, they did the same for home d├ęcor, and the crackers soon decided to copy then, making Haint blue an antebellum southern tradition:

Haint blue is attactive and keeps demons away

Haint blue is a tradition because the blue color fools ghosts into thinking it's water, which as everyone knows, ghosts canot cross bodies of water.

By painting the ceiling on the outside of your porch Haint blue, the ghost’s think that it’s water and voila, you are protected against Haintings! Haint blue is a light sky blue, quite attractive:

Traditionally you paint your ceilings, doors and window trim in Haint blue.