Wednesday, November 10, 2010

China prepares for war with America!

All the signs are there, we are about to be fighting the Chinese for the first time since Americans killed the Red Chinese in Korea.

China has committed numerous acts of war against the USA already.

There are constant Chinese cyber attacks against US web sites, and a new Chinese anti-satellite system, specifically designed to shoot-down the communications of the free world.

It’s a war of technology, good vs. evil:

Communist China Prepares to battle America

For clear proof, note that China prepares anti-satellite weapons with the sole intent of disrupting teen texting and Google searches, a clear act of war.

China anti-satellite technology is an act of war

In anticipation, the military is now moving thousands of Marines to Guam, despite concerns from Congress that Gram may capsize.

The military runs survivability simulations of nuclear warfare and I’m told that even if America depletes our entire nuclear arsenal on China that they will still have enough soldiers to successfully invade the United States.

They will start by invading Taiwan, forcing American retaliation (as required by US law) and then use that as an excuse to march millions of Chinese soldiers up the Kamchatka Peninsula and down through Alaska to the continental United States.

There was an old Russion joke from the 1980's that suggested if Rissua and China got into a war, that if China surrendered a million people a day, they would win the war within 90 days. . .

My own father faought the Chinese in the Korean War, and it's seriously dangerous to forget that these are still Godless Communists, a real-deal threat to freedom:

Red China wants to exert power to conquer America

Even if China surrendered a million soldiers every day, the United States would collapse under the burden of finding enough Chinese take-out for zillions of POW’s. . .