Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Honoring America's veteran patriots

Today is Veteran’s day 2010, and I’m reminded of the sacrifices that American’s have made in the cause of freedom all around the world.

My company is expanding rapidly, and I always give preference to veterans, especially disabled vets and those who are true patriots.

American patriots are extraordinary people

Personally, I think that they should also have a "Patriots Day", since not all veterans are real patriots, and patriots deserver special honor too . . .

Not all vets are Patriots

I’m a realist, and I know from firsthand experience as an Army brat that not all veterans serve for patriotic reasons.

For some, the military is the best-paying job around, and despite the lousy pay, you can’t beat the VA benefits and half-pay for life after 20 years.

Honoring the worthy partiots

Not all veterans are real patriots

It’s sad that not all Veterans are worthy of praise, and not all veterans are true patriots.

Like any profession, the armed forces has seen it's share of dishonorable veterans whose only reason to serve America was to further their civilian careers:

- John Kerry: This hippie recommended himself for a Silver Star medal that he never earned.

- Douglas MacArthur: A corrupt, inept coward who was jealous of his Dad’s real heroism, Dugout Doug stole the Medal of Honor for an act of cowardice, and accepted a Distinguished Flying Cross at age 71, without ever participating in aerial combat.

- Veteran Imposters: There are many military failures who pretend to be heroes, the true scum of the earth.

- President Lyndon Johnson: Only served to further his political career, and proudly wore a Silver Star medal for heroism that he got in a backroom deal with America’s most corrupt general, Dugout Doug MacArthur.

Scumbag Johnson proudly wearing his stolen Silver Star lapel pin

How to identify a real patriot

One way to tell a true patriot is people who are independently wealthy and are therefore not serving America for the money or for political gain.

As a child, I watched my own father die slowly from his war injuries, and his sacfices taught me a important lesson, to return the favor to those who have given us so much.

Medals for valor help to identify a real patriot

My Dad had no ulterior motives, and he was rewarded with two Distinguished Flying Crosses, a Bronze Star and the Air Medal.

Also consider President George H. W. Bush.

Already wealthy, he volunteered for WWII and flew 58 combat missions for which he received the Distinguished Flying Cross and three Air Medals.

A real patriot does not fight for political gain of money

A man of honor, most people don't know that he declined his congressional pension, taking only his presidential pension because he did not think that it was honorable to get two pensions, even though he was entiitled to both pensions.

Another example of a genuine patriot is General Patton.

A millionaire many times over, Patton was the grandson of a Confederate Colonel who was killed in the Civil war was a real believer in risking your life for freedom.

Bloodthirsty and fearless, Patton remains the model US patriot:

Old Blood and Guts was a real American Patriot

But we must honor all worthy veterans, even if they never had a change to offer-up their lives to protect freedom. Today, let’s remember the true meaning of patriotism:

GOD BLESS our troops

Remember, Veterans Day is much more than just a day-off from work . . .