Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Free whores for the disabled!

On the TV show “Taboo” they noted that the socialist Netherlands pays to get disabled people laid with their legal hookers! It's a government benefit!

A genuine "no hooking" sign

The show noted that here in America, anybody desperate enough to use a streetwalker is stigmatized as a loser who that as serious personality or physical defect that does not allow him to get laid for free.

When Janet and I took a tour of the Amsterdam Red Light District, we had a real live whore giving the tour.

Do hookers take all comers?

The whore skank tour guide got really pissed at me when I asked her if the sluts had any limit to the “gross factor” and if, for example, they would service a leper.

It’s a legitimate question, in light of the reality that in America, only the mentally challenged or physically deformed need to pay for sex.

Ugly people can buy love from whores

It’s like the old joke about disabled porn . . . .

Should disabled people get disabled hookers?