Monday, November 15, 2010

Therapeutic golf for ugly women

It’s sad, but ugly women must endure public embarrassment almost daily.

Ugly women never get cat calls or sexual propositions from construction workers, and they are ignored and the pretty girls get all the attention.

Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly is to the bone

Ugly women get no respect

The good news is that a golf course in upstate New York is changing all that!

Ever since St. Andrews was created, golf courses are built on “undesirable land”, near airports runways, cemeteries and prisons.

Prisoners like to look at ugly women golfers

I won’t name this course for fear of a lawsuit, but there is a golf course in upstate New York where hundreds of inmates have a direct view of you as you play golf, and they are not shy about commenting upon your skill and your personal appearance!

There are other prison co-located golf courses too!

The prison view golf course in Louisiana

This is just a personal observation, but this course is popular with ugly women, I suspect because they enjoy all of the attention from the “In crowd”.

Even the most homely Sadie Hawkins gets whistled at and constantly told how attractive they are!

Prison golf for the ugly is a match made in heaven.

They should be advertising it to homely women, but word is getting around, and prison golf already attracts a wide variety of ugly women.