Sunday, November 07, 2010

Teaching little girls to hunt and kill

Hunting for kids

There is nothing in the world like seeing the look on a childs face the first time you make them disembowel a freshly-killed deer.

The excited squeal of a toddler when the guts slide out makes all the effort in training them to hunt worthwhile.

It's still warm inside!

Kid's especially love using the deer anus remover, like the "Butt Out" product:

I use "Butt Out" to remove a deer's ass

Women as natural Hunters

Lion prides know that the woman make great hunters, and the same is true of humans.

Male lions do the imporant work and leave the hunting to the females:

Lions know that the females are the best hunters

Hunting in Corporate America

In today’s corporate world, the prey is new clients and increased sales, and women excel above men at hunting for corporate contacts and new business.

Properly trained, women make agressive & bloodthursty hunters

But hunting is not instinctive, especially in human hunter/gatherer society where women have traditionally been the baby-raisers and homemakers.

It takes special effort to make a woman into a savage huntress, but its well worth the investment.

Teaching small girls to hunt

It’s tougher to teach little girls to kill Bambi, much less clean their trophies.

But there are tools that the savvy redneck can use to make hunting and killing fun for even girl toddlers!

The Hunter Ann action figure doll

You can also take them hunting as toddlers, and buy them cute little girl hunting clothes:

Then, get them used to being around dead animals, like this fellow did:

Get small girls used to touching the corpses of dead animals