Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The worlds best web scam-baiter

I just love scam-baiters, and I featured several in my book “Web Stalkers”. The idea is to make the scammer waste their time and money doing silly things.

They real dumb, and this nice lady has great fun with 419 scammers, making them send her all sorts of stuff.

This article shows one of the best scambaiters ever, a fellow so cleaver that he talked a bunch of Nigerian 419 crooks to reproduce the dead parrot sketch from Monty Python!

Here is the YouTube video, #1, and do not to miss these Nigerian idiots:

Scammer does Month Python

“The scammer wanted Mike's help, and of course, Mike's cash, distributing tens of millions of dollars to charity before he died.

But the man from Lagos wasn't dying of cancer, and his story wasn't true.

Through a complicated chain of e-mails that lasted more than six months, Mike persuaded him to re-create the Monty Python parrot sketch, promising to enter it in a phony film contest with a cash prize. The resulting video shot to the top of YouTube's hit rankings, and has become an instant Internet classic."