Monday, March 12, 2007

Interspecies Breeding Photos

Trading genes

Interspecies breeding and genetic exchange is underway and becoming commonplace. First it was adding Shark genes to tomatoes to keep them from freezing on the vine, and now we see human genes being used in vegetables!

Did you see the reports that we have developed rice with human genes?

They claim that the human genes produce the same ingredients as found in human breast milk and this human-infused rice can be used to treat third-world children with diarrhea.

Inter-species breeding programs

Anyway this gene splicing reminds me of the work on interspecies breeding programs. Back in the old days before genetic splicing, interspecies genetics required the cooperation of live subjects, not always an easy chore:

Researchers are underway with an exciting inter species breeding program that attempts to create genetic crosses between common mammalian species.

This could answer age-old questions like why the Easter Bunny hides chicken eggs:

The possibilities of inter-species genetic exchange are amazing. Imagine a dog with Racoon genes to give it an opposable thumb:

Interspecies genetics can unlimited possibilities . . . .

Richard Dawkins would be proud.

What non-human characteristics would be desirable for humans?