Saturday, March 10, 2007

Funny presidents on coins

This CNN article notes that the mint is planning to put the faces of all dead presidents on the new one dollar coins:

"At the same time, general use of the Presidential $1 Coins is expected to increase use of all dollar coins as Americans become more familiar with using them," Fields said

The Federal Reserve has ordered 300 million George Washington $1 Coins for its initial run."

This site has some great coin ideas. It all started with the individual State coins, like this Louisiana coin featuring Mari Gras:

I wonder what the other presidential coins might look like? Remember the Ike dollar?

Ah, President Clinton would make a great coin:

And President Bush? Here is a design, of him roping-up Osama:

And how about Governors next? This Arnold Schwarzenegger coin might be nice:

It will interesting to see these new coins . . .