Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Australia legal whores

A friend of mine in Australia has been asking us to come-down under for a visit, and I noted that Prostitution is legal there! That says alot.


- Catch Olympic Fever -- And Hepatitis!
- The Best Down Under Down Under!
- Just Do Us
- Performance Enhancing Drugs Welcome
- The Most Fun You Can Have in the Bush!
- You're already halfway around the world -- let us finish the job.
- Didgeri-Do Me!
- Ready for a REAL Floor Exercise?
- Don't worry about using protection -- dingos eat all of our babies!
- Throw Another Barbie on Your shrimp!
- G'd Lay, Mate!
- Serious Yahoo!

and the Number 1 Advertising Slogan for Australian Brothels...

- You've got the Joey. We've got the pouches.