Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Face recognition software on the web

Fun Face recognition software online

This MyHeritage web site has a face recognition that analyzes your photo using the latest in facial recognition software and then displays famous people with similar facial features. You simply upload your photo and artificial intelligence facial recognition takes over with amazing accuracy:

To use the face recognition software, simply upload a photograph and watch it start the complex face recognition analysis:

Here we tried Jon Emmons, #1 Oracle blogger, and we see that he does indeed look as predicted:

Other Oracle professionals also show uncanny resemblances to famous people:

When I tried it, I was amazed how the face recognition quickly pegged me as a sex symbol and showed that my face resembles several famous folks:

We tried Lt. Col. John Garmany (USA, Ret), and I think that he would be satisfied:

We also tried Dr. Tim Hall, a famous Oracle blogger, but got mixed results:

Steve Karam, Oracle ACR and OCM, owner of the Oracle alchemist, fared reasonably well:

Now things got interesting when I ran Janet’s face through it:

Funny, I never noticed the resemblance between Janet and Eddie Murphy:

It’s obvious that this online face recognition software has a long way to go, but just imaging what we will see in the next 20 years. . . .