Saturday, December 06, 2008

NC golf instructor honored on TV!

Brad Clayton, an all-around nice guy and superb golf coach, was honored on TV this week for his work helping the handicapped to learn golf.

Brad drives all up and down the eastern seaboard, volunteering his time to teach golf to the disabled:

“He teaches others how to adapt to students with special needs, just as he has had to adapt by re-learning the simplest of things like tying your shoe.”

Click this link, and be sure to watch the online video of Brad.

Brad also volunteers his time to help wounded military veterans learn to love golf.

Brad Clayton, Master PGA Pro Instructor

Brad voilunteers to teach the golf team members at Duke University and the University North Carolina at Wilmington, and one-armed or not, Brad is one of the best golf instructors in America. I’ve have over a dozen golf instructors in my life and Brad is head-and-shoulders above any I’ve ever worked with.

Janet and I are klutzes with serious physical limitations, and Brad has done wonders with our games. Brad is a PGA Master professional, and he seems to know exactly what to say to give us the right “swing thought” to shoot par golf . . .

Janet and I are excited that Brad has agreed to write a book “Puzzle Duck Golf”, which promises to be one of the best golf instruction books ever: