Friday, December 12, 2008

Tommy Burns: Fight promoter of Dublin

I just love this interweb thingy, it’s great for finding obscure information.

But it’s much easier now. Using the internet I was quickly able to publish information about my great Uncle Tommy Burns and his wife Polly Burns, the world champion woman boxer.
Because of this simple blog post, I just had a new friend send me these great new photos of a Tommy Burns, poising with some of the leading heavyweights if the early 20th century:

In the first half of the 20th century, my great uncle Tommy Burn’s was a leading fight promoter in Dublin. The Burns clan was well-respected in Ireland, but Tommy was by far the most popular and outgoing.

The dapper Tommy Burns!

I vividly remember my Grandma tell me tall tales of her brother Tommy, some of which I won’t repeat because I have not yet been able to verify them. I’m going to continue my research in the hope of getting more information on this remarkable man.

Well, today I got a note from Patrick Joseph Dillon, the grandson of Tommy Burns and Polly!

The most thrilling part is that Patrick has found the movie about Polly the Pugalist!

Patrick also remembers Tommy Burns firsthand:

"Tommy's real name was James Alphonsus Thomas Burns and he was born in 1890. His father's name was John and a brother was also John, both dentists.

He was well known around Dublin and always wore a western style hat.

He drove an American car, I believe it was a Studebaker. The back wheels were half covered by the mudguard. I can still remember the smell of the leather. He paid for my oldest brother Tommy, my sister Pauline and myself to have private education."