Friday, December 26, 2008

No more good Samaritans in California

This article serves to warn people not to stop and try to assist someone in California, you could get sued!

“A Good Samaritan whose well-meaning but careless rescue effort injures an accident victim can be sued for damages, the state Supreme Court ruled Thursday.”

Good Samaritan laws protect people from liability, so they can attempt to save people in life-threatening situations, a very good idea. I wonder how many people will die needlessly in California because nobody would stop to save an injured motorist?

It’s that “I don’t want to get involved” attitude that kills people, acts of the Bad Samaritans:

Here is a list of States with Good Samaritan laws.

But Good Samaritan laws only protect “innocent” bystanders; it does not stop a litigious asswipe from accusing you of causing the accident!

A few years back I served on a jury whereby a Good Samaritan stopped to help someone, and that person later accused HIM of causing their accident!

Years ago when Janet was trapped in her car after a bad accident, she was saved by people who helped her escape from the burning wreckage. That’s one good thing about country folks; they will help you, no matter what the law says . . .