Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baby deer day care

Wild Does love it here at the ranch.

Our ranch has become know to all of the woodland critters as a safe haven, and recently we have noticed that Momma deer’s are dropping their does off for free deer day care:

You can walk right past a hidden doe and not see them

We have dog fence around our acreage, so it’s a very safe place for deer, and the horses don’t mind them at all, they share the pasture!

This baby has been in the pasture for three days now, and we are guessing that she was separated from Momma deer while being pursued by a predator.

I guess we have a temporary pet doe, at least until she is strong enough (or scared enough) to leap over our fence back into our woods . . .

Baby does can leap 3 times their height

Today I saw three babies out there, it’s now a deer day care center . . .