Friday, August 14, 2009

Ten Army heros receive The Silver Star in North Carolina!

In an unprecedented event, the pentagon has awarded ten hero’s to win the silver star, America’s second highest award for valor at Fort Bragg, N.C.

Ten hero's get the Silver Star in North Carolina!

One of them, John Wayne Walding is a real hero in my book!

He got his leg shot half off, so he amputated it with a knife, then strapped the disconnected appendage to his thigh with his bootlaces, then kept fighting!

John Wayne Walding - This is what a real American hero looks like

I know several Silver Star winners are all of them share a dry wit about their combat actions.

Walding, for example, tried to give himself morphine, but stick himself in the thumb. He noted “my thumb felt great”.

Read this, this is what real American’s are made of . . .

“By the time the battle ended, the Green Berets and the commandos had suffered 15 wounded and two killed, both Afghans, while an estimated 150 to 200 insurgents were dead, according to an official Army account of the battle.

The Special Forces soldiers had nearly run out of ammunition, with each having one to two magazines left, Ford said.”