Monday, August 03, 2009

Foreign hacker to face death penalty in America?

The long arm of the Internet is alive and well, and it's heartwarming to see America extraditing foreign hackers.

Beware, foreign scum hackers – attack the US military, and America will extradite you.

And it's not just military attackers. Ray Griffiths, an Australian hacker dirtbag was extradited to the USA, thanks to the DOJ.

“This extradition represents the Department of Justice’s commitment to protect intellectual property rights from those who violate our laws from the other side of the globe.”

“Our agents and prosecutors are working tirelessly to nab intellectual property thieves, even where their crimes transcend international borders,” said U.S. Attorney Chuck Rosenberg.”

At last, this British hacker scumbag has lost his appeal and will come to the US to face trial for hacking into the military computer system, an act of war that is punishable by death under the UCMJ.

Is hanging the appropriate punishment for a hacker?

In this case, English asswipe Gary McKinnon faces charges of causing almost a million dollars in damages, and more ominous, interfering with the military defense computers for the USA.

This man even looks evil:

Some suggest that they fry this guy to send a warning to foreign hackers that their attacks against US military computers will not be tolerated.

Most folks I know wholeheartedly agree that any foreigner who hacks a US military computer should be put to death.

Since he attacked the US Navy, I wonder if a navy firing squad would be appropriate?