Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sniper sets world record for killing enemy

A Scottish sniper now claims to hold the Afghanistan record for killing the enemy, an amazing shot of 5,000 feet, nearly a mile!

Chris Reynolds – He can kill you a mile away!

However, some claim that a Canadian sniper Rob Furlong made a far more impressive kill (1.5 miles) in 2007.

One of my neighbors (Carl) is a retired Secret Service sniper and world record holder who can shoot a six inch pattern at a mile away! This skill is beyong amazing, I have trouble even seeing somebody a mile away, much less blowing their head off . . . .

He tells me that the gravitational drop of a bullet at this distance is over 12 feet! Sniping at these distances is like hurling a cannonball and requires considerable skill.

You really need to know your Kentucky windage to kill someone at this distance.

The loud sound of a rifle crack is the noise of the bullet breaking the sound barrier, and at these great distances the enemy was lying dead on the ground before the rifle shot was heard!

This video shows actual sniper footage, and you can see how snipers kill enemy combatants with precision and skill.

WARNING – This video contains flying body parts: