Sunday, August 15, 2010

Airport end of runway landing close calls!

My company does business in many Caribbean countries, and St. Maarten is one of our favorite places to relax, nice people and fun golf on pristine turquoise beaches.

Janet at the St. Maarten golf course

The road at the end of the runway!

Besides golf in St. Maarten, a favorite pastime is the road that goes in between a beach and the end of the island runway!

A takeoff on a hot day takes every inch of runway!

As a licensed pilot myself, I know that the jets are supposed to be at 100 feet at the end of the runway on approach, but it’s thrilling when they miss short, tons of fast moving machine thundering above your head!

This close call landing is NOT photoshopped, it’s truly awesome:

It's thrilling to have a giant machine pass within feet of your head!

Here is a video of a close-call 747 landing, a real thrilling experience for the adrenaline junkie: