Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jesus as a sportsman!

It’s no secret that for two thousand years, Christians have portrayed Jesus as being associated with their profession, even when it's not a "good fit"!

Knight Jesus - The Crusades saw Knights depicting Jesus as a muscle-bound Knight, the ultimate Spartan-like Muslim killer.

Soldier Jesus - Armed forces and military often portray Jesus as a soldier:

Jock Jesus? - Athletes now portray Jesus as a sportsman!

Jesus as an Athlete

This Catholic series of statuettes titled “Jesus is my Coach”, is facinating . . .

Jesus is my Coach: Collect them all!

I'm not sure I approve of this image below, it kinda creeps me out, and it's not very respectful.

I wonder how many Non-Christian people would report something like this to Child Protective Services?

Jesus as a golf coach

Evidently, Jesus does cross country running too:

You can feel safe, tossing your ball to Jesus:

I learn something new every day. Jesus plays basketball too, I did not know he was that tall: