Friday, August 06, 2010

Jon Stewart suggests that Congressional ethics investigations are racist

Last night, Jon Stewart commented on the African Americans use of the "race card".

In the skit, he suggested that Black people are upset that the ethics committee is racist because they are charging a disproportional number of Black congressmen with ethics violations:

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Race Card Is Maxed Out
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Stewart noted that the evidence is irrefutable, Black officials are far more likely than other races to be charged with ethics violations, and hence, there must be institutional racism.

Obviously, the congressional rules used to evaluate corruption are biased against black people. For Shame!

Endemic racism in America?

According to NAACP spokespeople, this horrible type of racism has become an epidemic!

Most recently, the New York Fire Department was charged with racism because the Fireman aptitude test was biased against black people, and they have been forced to use quotas because they have refused to create a fireman test that’s allows for a fair share” of black candidates.

Here is an example of the “racist” fireman test.

I'm not making this up, tests like the one above have been found to be racist!

See for yourself how those horrible crackers have made cleverly biased the fireman test to exclude African Americans:

During the night tour at Engine Company 500, eleven (11) alarms were received between the hours of 6 p.m. and 9 a.m. The types of alarms and times of occurrences were as follows:

Alarm #1 6:03 p.m. illegally opened hydrant
Alarm #2 6:41 p.m. false alarm
Alarm #3 7:00 p.m. car fire in an abandoned car
Alarm #4 7:25 p.m. garbage can fire
Alarm #5 8:30 p.m. false alarm
Alarm #6 12:18 a.m. fire in a wood frame house
Alarm #7 1:09 a.m. fire in a brownstone apartment
Alarm #8 2:45 a.m. basement fire in a hospital
Alarm #9 5:02 a.m. sprinkler malfunction in an all-night deli
Alarm #10 7:53 a.m. false alarm
Alarm #11 8:29 a.m. food on the stove fire

14.Based on the list of alarms, which one of the following statements is correct?

A)False alarms occur most frequently in the early morning
B)Fires involving victims are most likely to occur in the early evening
C)Severe fires are most likely to occur in the early morning
D)Non-fire related alarms occur more frequently in the evening

Other institutional bias

There are many cases where intelligence tests and college entrance exams are biased against black people, horrible racism.

Even house pets are being accused of racism:

Racist restaurants!

It’s simply horrible, even restaurants are making racist menu’s. This is a real menu:

I'll bet that somebody thinks that this menu is racist too: