Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Drinking Calpis and balls

When we are in foreign lands we love the tasty treat they call Calpis and balls:

Calpis is a Japanese milk-like soft drink and when pronounced it sounds just like “Cow piss”.

I just like saying it, asking my friends if they want to go out for Calpis and balls.

The Calpis is mixed with ice, flavorings and tea, and then they dump-in the chewey balls for a unique frosty treat.

The balls are made of gluten tapioca, and look exactly like goat turds, round and brown.

The drinks are yummy, sort of like a milkshake and served with a fat straw to suck-up the chewy balls from the bottom of the frosty drink.

Some people call it “bubble tea”, but I prefer the old-fashioned Calpis and balls.

And what's this advertisment, "The joys of sucking on balls"?

That's just nasty . . .