Friday, January 29, 2010

Window piercing with plexiglass disks

Remember the windows they put into cows at the state fair, so you could see inside their innards? Well, the concept has taken-on a new life with young people!

The cow window: Precursor to window piercing

Well, these body windows are the latest fad for humans kids!

I always wondered what the next generation would do to out-do the super-gross body piercing, and here it is, "window piercing", a view straight into your gumline:

Window Piercing: The latest fad for attention-whore teens

Actually, the window in window piercing is not glass, it's a Plexiglas disk embedded in the lower lip. . .

I don't get it, why kids to these things to stand out, while most teens want to conform?

When I was a teenager, we were all conforming non-conformists, being different in exactly the same way, a rubber-stamped generation wearing flared jeans, long hair, headbands and fringed Indian guide jackets!