Friday, January 22, 2010

American Biographical Institute 2009 Man of the year award winners

There are some rednecks up the road from me in Raleigh who are conducting a vanity award business in a small office that they named the “American Biographical Institute"!

They are making a small fortune selling made-up awards to gullible foreigners!

These good ole boys must be laughing their butt's off when some foreigner sends them hundreds of dollars to print a hunk of paper proclaiming them as "Genius Laureate of the World"!

Even funnier, it take brass balls to award the Noble Prize (Yes, that's "Noble", not "Nobel") to gullible foreigners who cannot spell!

Read my notes on the douchebags who buy a Noble Prize from North Carolina rednecks!

Sucker! Shri Chiudry bought his Noble Prize from Raleigh!

For more run, read Jeff Schallit’s funny list of academic vanity award scammers. These people are geniuses!

Vanity knows no bounds, and they must be making a small fortune selling impressive accolades to stupid foreigners!

I wonder if the foreigners would buy them if they saw the actual institute, a small office tucked away in a Raleigh neighborhood? All it takes is a quick Google Earth check to see the "Institute" . . .

Here is the Google “hall of shame” listing hundreds of idiots who purchased their American Biographical Institute Man of the Year award for 2009.

As background, the Raleigh based “institute” (I drove past it, it’s more like a condo) offers the Man of the Year award to those rare individuals who possess a credit card capable of paying the fee:

Purchase your own man of the year award at the American Biographical Institute

Man of the year suckers include such notables as Scott Rick, Krishna Nayak Bags, Tu Xinshi, Nguyen Van Nho:

Dr. Nho purchased his Man of the Year 2009 award

I like Khalaf Ahmed Al Habtoor, who is openly deceptive about paying for his accolades from the American Biographical Institute, making it sound as-if it is some sort of great honor!

He bought the Grand Ambassador of Eminence and Leading Intellectuals of the World certificates, quite handsome and impressive certificates, well worth the money:

Khalaf Ahmed Al Habtoor purchased the
Genius Laureate of the United Arab Emirates award

“Mr. Khalaf Al Habtoor has likewise been honored on several occasions by the American Biographical Institute over the past years.”

It also says he purchased the Genius Laureate certificate, quite a good value for the money I hear:

“In 2006, the A.B.I. named Mr. Khalaf Al Habtoor as Genius Laureate of the United Arab Emirates for distinguished progression and mastery in the field of Accomplished Leadership as recorded in the "500 greatest geniuses of the 21st century."

I also like this one, Dr. Balint Gheorghe posts his acceptance letter , but he somehow forgot to scan-in the payment information . . .

To purchase a prestigious Man of the Year award for yourself, read my notes on how to purchase prestigious awards from the American Biographical Institute in Raleigh North Carolina.