Monday, October 12, 2009

The domain of the douchebag

One of my most popular blog pages exposes people who purchase academic vanity awards, an area that I like to call “the domain of the douchebag”.

The American Biographical Institute (ABI) is located right up the road from me.

I drove by their institute once; a more accurate name would be the “American Biographical Condo”.

The ABI offices issue awards like "Greatest Mind of the 21st Century" and "Genius Laureate of the United States".

Swear to God, what kind of douche buys this stuff?

The Noble prize!

This fellow Jeff Shallit has a nice “Hall of Lame”, a list of douchebags who buy these accolades. . .

I like the "nobel prize" best!

"The UCC even awards a "Noble prize" (check the spelling; Alfred Nobel had nothing to do with it). Among its recipients is Shri Chiudry, a creator of horoscope software. I can think of no one more deserving."

Shri Chiudry - A Noble Peas Prize winner!

Another member of the domain of the douchebag

I am douchier than thou

But lets face it, some people are douchier than others.

For example, see my notes on asswipes with narcissistic personality disorder.

Jeff Shallit listed this amazing web page, a man who claims to be "Genius Laureate of the United States of America"

Please click the link, you won't be disappointed!

Does it get any douchier than this?

This guy lists his Masters in MIS from the "World Academy of Letters", a purchased degree, straight from a diploma mill!

A Masters from the World Academy of Letters - only $595 each

Interesting, the World Academy of Letters appears to be another one of those Raleight NC scams, perhaps related to the American Biographical Institute?

You can always tell a douchebag, but you can’t tell them much!

How many people do you know who make up a web page listing their “titles”, presenting purchased medals as-if they had won them!

There are douchebag doctors too, see here a list of physicians who have purchased accolades from the ABI:

The military domain of the douchebag

Also, see my notes on fake military heroes, scumbags of the first order . . . another domain of the douchebag:

A fake Navy Seal

But the highest honors of the domain of the douchebag goes to this faker:

Martin Edwards wears a fake Bronse star and air medal