Friday, October 16, 2009

Stop Fox abuse

Our ranch is right next to a fox farm, a place where they raise foxes so that they can be savagely hunted and killed by packs of dogs.

I don’t like foxes because they kill our poultry, but I don’t approve of fox hunting wither, animal abuse that would make Michael Vick proud:

This article notes that some British creeps are bolting fixes to benches in order to train the dogs how to kill them.

There is a special place in hell for these British scum:

British fox hunters are not known for their intelligence

Make no mistake, there is something very wrong with people who enjoy watching animals suffer.

In fact, some researchers note that it’s a hallmark of sociopaths, people who enjoy torturing helpless animals.

I’d like to see a National Sociopath registry, just like the sex offender registry.

Fox Hunters enjoy torturing animals, and they are perverts

I would force anyone convicted of torturing animals to be tattooed, to warn the public that they are perverts:

Let's tattoo sociopaths so we can easily identify them

I’d like to see the Bobbies bring this English creep to a bench and feed him to some Rottweiler’s.

Just garnish him with some Branson Pickle, and let the doggies eat him alive . . . The punishment should fit the crime.

The only Fox hunting that should be approved

In related animal cruelty news, they arrested the scumbag who duct taped a cat:

I hope this creep goes to trial as an adult . .