Saturday, October 03, 2009

Finally, a treatment for acute monkey butt

At last, we see a new product that promises to treat acute cases of Monkey Butt.

For the benefit of city slickers and people who have never done a hard days labor, Monkey Butt is the result of sweating and chafing under heavy blue jean overall that are favored by ranchers.

Even in the heat of the summer you need to wear think denim to ward off the prickly briars and snake bites.

Snakes are all over our ranch and wearing think jeans can make the difference between a productive day and a trip to the emergency room.

When you work hard in the heat you get sweaty and the chafing makes your butt cheeks rosy red and purple; hence the term “Monkey butt”;

A case of monkey butt is painful and embarrassing

Acute Monkey Butt is embarrassing

Monkey Butt is embarrassing too, just ask anybody "Do you have acute monkey butt?"

Causes and Cures for Monkey Butt

Monkey Butt smarts like sin, and they are a variety of treatments, but none that are truly effective against an acute case of monkey butt.

Back in the olden days, ranchers used talcum powder, but once you started sweating, it congeals into a paste that get stuck in the nooks and crannies, and it makes an environment that is conducive to "crotch rot", the prefrontal cousin of monkey butt.

However, there is hope a new product that claims to cure even the worst case of Monkey Butt.

Anti Monkey Butt powder

The manufacturer even sells these attractive anti monkey butt dress caps, suitable for semiformal occasions:

Anti Monkey Butt becoming quite popular, heavily advertized.

If you are an anti monkey butt fan, they will even pay you to put their ads on your vehicle, very attractive:

Watch for the Anti Monkey Butt Van