Friday, October 23, 2009

Squirrel – It’s what’s for dinner

Any redneck knows that fresh squirrel is a great dinnertime treat:

When serving squirrel for dinner, you need to follow good dining etiquette:

- Bee bee dish – You should serve squirrel with a tiny “shot dish”, a place to hold the buckshot that inevitably gets into the squirrel meat.

- Nutcracker - Yep, squirrel is tasty, thought and through, and many folks keep a nutcracker that the table. You take the nutcracker and crack open the skulls for a tasty treat.

But squirrel is now catching-on as a gourmet food, and the English love squirrel.

Here is NC we serve up squirrel in its own butt, a treat we call “squirrel in a cup”:

Jen3 digs into a squirrely treat. . .

But beware, eating the squirrel brains can cause a fatal variant of Mad Cow Disease, known around here as “Mad Squirrel Disease”, and at least six people have died.