Monday, October 05, 2009

Illegal Mexicans sue American Hospital for bad care

With all of the talk about giving medical insurance to all comers, we need to look at recent history.

This is an important issue, because the millions of illegal Mexicans seeking health care to save their lives could singlehandedly bankrupt the American health care system.

No good deed goes unpunished, and this story of ungrateful illegal Mexican immigrants is legendary here in North Carolina. We joined hands to help them, and instead of being grateful, they sued us!

No good deed goes unpunished

The folks around here (Louisburg North Carolina) are very kind and when they found out that an illegal Mexican child needed a heart transplant, they did not care that they she was illegal, and they did not care that her parents never bothered getting married.

Instead, they started a fund raising campaign to help her get the super-expensive heart lung transplant that she could not get in her home country of Mexico.

The folks in Louisburg NC did all sorts of fund raising, and finally the sick girl got admitted for a heart lung transplant, even though they were legal Americans on the waiting list who were desperate for the life saving organs.

Tragically, the girl died from a medical mistake at Duke University.

So what do the unmarried Mexicans parents do?

- They refused to allow their daughters organs to be used to save another child

- They sued the hospital and won zillions of dollars in cash

- They never paid back one thin dime to the people who tried to save their daughter

More than one person noted that the parents were not grieving and that they seemed more interested in their chance to make millions of dollars than in losing their daughter.

For some reason, (perhaps as part of the legal settlement), these illegal Mexicans were not deported back to Mexico, and they live in a mansion a few miles from here, an inspiration to other illegal Mexicans on how to screw kindly Americans.

This article explains the issue. Here is what North Carolinians have to say:

“These people should have been deported immediately, and the man from Louisburg should have been jailed for aiding and abetting these criminals.”

“I am a Hispanic who is tired of the newer generation comming here and breaking the laws getting here. I believe that organ donation is a serious commitment. You can not expect to receive and not give in return. The Santillian's did just that. I believe that they now need to be deported.”

Stopping the bankruptcy

Don’t get me wrong, I blame the parents, not the child.

I'm sure that if I were in the same situation I would no whatever it took to try to save my daughters life. However, I would never sue those people who tried to save my child. It's disgraceful, and these are exactly the type of greedy and ungrateful aliens that we do not want to become American citizens.

If word gets out that you can go to America for life-saving medical care, illegal aliens will arrive on our shores by the millions.

It’s a sad fact that America has too many of our own issues with health care to address the needs of those from less fortunate countries.