Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Is extortion and blackmail enforceable as a crime?

After listening to David Letterman’s “confession”, it became crystal clear, that whatever actually happened, this “blackmailer” believed that what he was doing was perfectly legal.

- If this were truly a criminal shakedown (as Letterman suggests), why would the blackmailer meet with lawyers?

- I have NEVER heard of a blackmailer taking a two million dollar check? Does Letterman think his viewers are stupid? D’oh, of course he does . . . by and large, they are stupid.

- The “terrible things” were nothing more than consensual sex. Sure it may have been adultery, but for Letterman, that’s a step-up.

Something is rotten in Denmark . . .

Watch the response, this whole thing does not add up:

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When something does not make sense, it’s usually not true . . .

Sadly, extortion might as well be legal for many people, because there is a fine line between extortion and a legal demand.

Plus, only the rich and powerful can command the police to intercede.

Extortion in the business world

In the business world, interference with prospective economic advantage is a crime commonly-referred-to as "tortuous interference", a crime where a business competitor threatens to trash your good name unless you meet their demands.

I have had this thinly-veiled extortion happen to me, and our attorneys chose to go after the matter in civil court, only pointing-out that it was also a crime and not demanding their arrest. In my case, the harassment stopped and the bad people were quietly punished.

The real problem is when the “extortionist” has no assets.

People who are “judgment proof” are not swayed by the threat of civil litigation.

You can’t get blood from a turnip.

Legalized Extortion

Lawyers conduct thinly veiled extortion all of the time, and it’s all perfectly legal.

The lawyers send threatening letters to their victims on behalf of the blackmailers, stating a ridiculous cause of action and saying that embarrassing details will be revealed in court unless prompt payment is made.

Most people hate lawyers for a very good reason.

This article notes that Letterman indeed knew that the alleged extortionist did not know that what he was doing was a crime.

But it is nonetheless true that David Letterman is a dirty old man, an adulterous letch who has likely committed numerous counts of sexual harassment.

People are protesting to have this disgusting old pervert fired: