Monday, October 26, 2009

Unobtrusive questions to access personality traints

Fun unobtrusive Personality questions

This document has some interesting insights into unobtrusive questions that reveal details about your personality. THe MMPI test has teken this to a fine art, correlarting answers to unobtrusive questions to peoplr with known personality disorders.

These "onobtrisive measures" are used to accurately access personality types. The tests are used to weed-out neorotics, dishonest people, assholes, douchebags and posers with great success.

Here are some onobtrusive true/false questions that can reveal your personality traits:
I feel comfortable around people.
I prefer to take showers over baths.
I believe in the importance of fluoridated water.
I think that old people smell funny.
I am not interested in abstract ideas.
I like Cherry flavor more than Orange flavor.
I have a vivid imagination.
I would like to try hibernation.
I believe that others have good intentions.
I have never tried anal sex.
I pay attention to details.
I do not like plastic dishware.
I like to cut the eyes out of photographs.
I find it difficult to get down to work.
I tend to vote for liberal political douchebags.
I would describe my experiences as somewhat dull.
I avoid philosophical discussions.
I suspect hidden motives in Asian people.
I enjoy the aroma of a good fart.
I make plans and stick to them.
I tend to vote for conservative political candidates.
I insult people.
I don't like to draw attention to myself.
I do not enjoy going to art museums.
I know how to captivate people.