Monday, January 11, 2010

Five gender computer systems

Back in the good old days we only had two genders, male and female, but that’s not good enough for the hippies!

In computer storage, data binary values such as gender are simple. With only two distinct values (male and female), they are super easy and cheap to store (as single bit-flags) inside computer databases.

But adding new genders can cost American taxpayers billions of dollars in extra costs to modify zillions of computer systems to accommodate trans-gender weirdoes.

Transgender Barbie

Some nanny states have adopted five gender computer database systems

1 - Male
2 - Female
3 - Male becoming female
4 - Female becoming male
5 - Eunuch.

I hear that the new genders are related to specific medical procedures (courtesy Tim Allen):

Lopitoffome – Male becoming female

Strapadicktome – Female becoming male

Sure, I’m old fashioned, and I’m only too happy to dedicate a small army of computer programmers to this multi-million dollar effort to adding new genders, but you would think that people would have better ways to spend millions of dollars than validating those people who abuse their naughty bits.

Does this person really need to be a separate gender?

Back in the 1800's they called these people "he-she's"

They even have kids doing it, just see the kid sex change web site.