Thursday, January 07, 2010

Eating extinct meats: Endangered species foods coming soon!

We all know how stem cell research has allowed scientists to replicate human organs, like this human ear. Cloned onto a host rat at MIT:

The natural offshoot of this would be the laboratory creation of real muscle tissue, and scientists have just made a major breakthrough in creating real pork in a Petri dish.

The technology is called biomaterial tissue engineering (BTE). . .

This is not artificial pork, its real cloned pork meat, made without killing any animals. This could be the start of a multi-billion dollar industry as hippies and vegetarians are drooling at the prospect of guilt-free bacon and sausage.

Scientists have saved viable muscle tissue samples from wooly mammoths and Dodo birds, and it's not a stretch of see new meat products made from extinct animals being served in a restaurant near you by 2015.

Imaging eating Passenger Pigeon Parmesan, Mammoth Meatloaf or Deviled Dodo, it’s all very real and exciting to the adventurous gastronome:

Read my notes here how eating unborn meat foods is the wave of the future.