Monday, January 04, 2010

Obese people and restroom disability access

I am an obese person who believes that society should be more intolerant of the morbidly obese, using the same Nazi techniques that California did to ostracize cigarette smokers.

Intolerance can help people stop willful misconduct

On the Penn & Teller TV show “BS”, Penn called litigous fat people in wheelchairs "rolling lawsuits", and it's sad that fat people will eat themselves into wheelchairs and then sue innocent business for not accommodating their giant girth:

Santa Claus, relaxing on the Internet

I feel strongly that those with preventable self-inflicted disabilities (obese people, drug addicts) should not be entitled to special privileges.

Land whales are similar to their oceanic cousins

The American bathroom burden

I recently witnessed an American land whale bellowing for a business employee to assist her getting into their ladies bathroom!

I snapped this photo of a woman who weighed in at flab factor five.

In the photo you see the poor attendant coming to wheel this monster into the ladies room.

A land whale bellowing to take a crap

Notice that the attendant is carrying a rag in his left hand, and I had to wonder if that was going to be used for her “personal hygiene”?

I watched in horror as the fellow rolled Moby into the ladies room aisle (where she completely blocked the aisle, in violation of safety codes).

We can only imagine the indignities that this poor attendant faced as he helped this woman expel several pounds of warm feces into their plumbing system.

Much of this can never be un-seen, and I think that employers should provide counseling or therapy for those brave people who assist obese disabled people in using their restrooms.

The rings of Uranus

In their natural environments, people this size produce a copious amount of feces each day and they are a major contributor to greenhouse gasses.

In captivity, land whales of this size can neither feed nor relieve themselves without assistance, and some obese people are now petitioning the ADA for special access rights as disabled people!

Accommodating wide wheelchairs will cost billions of dollars

If the morbidly obese gain disabled status under the ADA they could bankrupt American businesses and airlines, who would be required by law to provide extra-wide aisles and crappers that are capable of holding many pounds of feces.

I’m also offended by morbidly obese people to think that they have a right to stink in public.

Due to their great size, some land whales have not showered for years, and I can testify that many of them stink to high heaven. Janet and I got stuck in an elevator with a grossly obese french fat woman last week, and people were literally gagging.

If you observe morbidly obese people closely, you can clearly see that many of them have not been able to touch their own anus for years.

Read here why morbidly obese people constitute an ongoing menace to themselves and the public at-large and why they should not be entitled to any special rights from their self-inflicted disabilities.

We need signs like these so that the morbidly obese do not constitute a safety hazard in stores and public places: